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Dr. Wang has been conducting scientific research for ten years in Peking University (China), The Ohio State University (USA) and Stanford University (USA). He has devolved strong skills in model building and problem solving. He has strong communication skills in both Mandarin and English. He is also interested in Positive Psychology, knows the science to motivate students and the method to liberate their creativity. He loves teaching and would like share his knowledge and wisdom to future younger scientist.

Academic Credentials
in Nuclear Engineering Program, The Ohio State University (9/2010-8/2014)
Main Modules:
Introduction to Nuclear Science and Engineering
Nuclear Power Plant
Radiation Detection and Measurement
Nuclear Radiation and Their Shielding
Introduction to Linear Algebra
Partial Differential Equations

M.E. in Nuclear Techniques and Applications, Peking University, China (9/2007-7/2010)
Main Modules:
Particle Accelerators
Interaction of Particle-beam With Matter
The Optics of Charged Particle Beams
Introduction to Ion Beam Applications
Neutron Physics
Numerical Calculations of Electromagnetic Fields

B.A. in Physics, Hebei University, China(9/2003-7/2007 )
Main Modules:
Advanced Mathematics
Linear Algebra
Circuit Analysis
Probability Theory and Statistics
Atomic Physics
Analog Circuit
Digital Circuit
Thermal dynamics
Theoretical Mechanics
Solid Physics
Quantum Mechanics

Teaching modules Include:

Basic College Mathematics, Beginning/Introductory Algebra, Beginning/Intermediate Algebra, Prealgebra, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus, Physics, College Physics

As well as summary:
Basic College Mathematics, Algebra, Calculus
Physics, College Physics